Do not know how to do marketing SEO

when I first heard the word "SEO" is at the end of 2012, looks very much like, but do not know what is the principle of how to bring up the cause, so my curiosity when young, I started to learn the SEO optimization, I feel as if I enter the SEOER circle, but the ranking I do not see it, seen too much clutter SEO article, finally the impetuous psychology when young let me give up SEO, but I did not give up the Internet and marketing.

I used to be a worker, is now nopinic ceramic company CEO, well, I joke, I also do in Foshan is a ceramic basket thing, to earn the difference (but only nopinic ceramic is indeed I create brand). The reason I don’t give up the Internet is because I used to use the Internet for I lost my job, the main reason is the Internet let me make RMB before I gave up the job, so I also intend to rely on the Internet to maintain their livelihood, but I don’t know SEO, I also do not have the patience to take a few years to study SEO, but I we must quickly learn the successful marketing and promotion methods, with interest today, I share some little promotion and marketing of SEO technology in addition to dry cargo, chain and content, I really can not think of the other, so I will not write SEO.

pay promotion

said that there is no free lunch, I personally think that is not right or wrong, but when I see the effect of SEO time, I doubt that I can not wait for that day. So I have to do the promotion of pay, pay promotion I have to pay three channels.

Baidu: Baidu bidding bidding is the core point of promotion, that is the Baidu advertising and bidding alliance, see a lot of people say that Baidu and Baidu alliance bidding peer malicious clicks phenomenon or other how bad, but the facts tell us, Baidu bid is really a very user-friendly promotion, even if there are malicious clicks, but there are still many people will do.

Alibaba: basic is to do wholesale for Foshan ceramics, there are few retail orders, so I also like the wind said 3600 yuan to join the Alibaba, only after joining Alibaba, I don’t know why there are so many people joined Alibaba.

industry portal: I don’t know the ranking, I hope my own website ranking, I believe everyone is like this, so I was in a ranking of the portal site into their membership, membership, not an article can be recommended to the headlines, only one day refresh time, that is to say, you may have made headlines after a few minutes to peer down refresh. Even if the refresh down, but the same can be displayed on the home page.

free promotion

because I am so personal selling, website maintenance, bidding, Alibaba, portal, customer service and so on is a person I must complete the workload is relatively large, so the free promotion, I spend time relatively.