How to let Baidu post bar will not be deleted two

in the context of how to make Baidu Post Bar post will not be deleted, and share some advertising, of course, this is a big topic, the above does not include all the natural.

post will not be deleted, the core is the key to customer value, also not be platform for system identification, if in accordance with the previous curriculum, using dynamic graph model, can reduce the system identification, but how to increase the user perception of


a, picture


method is the use of placards photos, see the renderings:


of course, I found this picture, I am certainly not the guy so handsome, so is the demonstration effect, then say, such as how to make sense,


method: search engine +PS

directly through Baidu, Google, 360, search engines such as Bing, in the picture search module, search "placards as" these 3 words, then, the image search results, and choose the right pictures, then save it to the computer, and then use Photoshop to edit.

this is actually very simple to say, a new layer, delete the original word, and then write their own ads can be.

method two: Web search

Compared with

and the mode of operation, such as short answer, directly in the web search "as production will find many placards" website, so, just need to change the site to provide the font for your own needs, this is generally a very simple change.

in two ways, can be said to have advantages and disadvantages. First, select the picture very much, wide and strong, but the foundation of PS, not suitable for beginners; second is simple, basically will be online to get started, but the choice of the template are rarely site fixed, not free.

of course, the above two kinds, are simple types, there are third, is the core of this article.

method three: change log

this way, mainly used in QQ space marketing, but we can over to Baidu, each platform, can be effective convergence, first look at the renderings:


the first picture is a bright spot, this picture is me, of course, certainly not directly added to the picture, and accurately, who is to see this log will show who’s avatar.

In addition to the

avatar, you can also add QQ, who is watching, who shows the QQ.


function is called "change log", the Internet is a source of knowledge, to Baidu search "change log", you can find free.