35 thousand comment on the article was written in this way the new media marketing thinking

has a friend message: old wheat, you write the article is too shallow, not deep, in fact, you should go to a deeper level to write, so that there will be more readers like.

me: what are you talking about,


friend: is your point of view should be used to demonstrate a number of examples, with a lot of data to support, or the whole look a bit hollow feeling.

well, this is the old wheat place worthy of reflection, in fact, there are many views that do not need too much like WeChat, almost everyone, now is the mobile Internet overlord; from the media and new media marketing, writing articles, engage in video is the best way to get potential fans; and have multiple publish channels……

However, the

is the fact that the argument up is like "prove your mother is your mother", a little chicken ribs.

said he is not without reason, as the tiger sniffing Jun said, this article has a certain value, but is boring, analysis is less, if more than two can ask why, may be I love things, welcome to modify again after submission.

this reminds me of the first two days in today’s headlines saw an article:



"Henan State Road 311 is serial murder: the man with a screwdriver and even kill 4 people", we may also see comments, as high as 35 thousand, just thanks to this is a let everyone angry, shocked and abusive things? Laomai think this is just the surface, the most important thing is the small absolute is a bitch.

What did

say? 35 thousand comments at least 34 thousand people in Henan are in the discussion, many netizens in the minds of their impression of Henan is stolen, covers pickpockets, abusive and uncivilized…… Even the search for "Baidu in Henan", in the first row of the Henan people steal covers, visible region is a serious black. (declared that Guangzhou old wheat has no geographical discrimination)


this small opportunity played a scheming, in the title and the "Henan" two words, let people mistakenly think that Henan is a man to do, have come to the onlookers, click on the natural rate of up, although the truth of the incident is "killed is Henan, Anhui is the killer the place is in Henan," the crime, does not affect the amount of reading.

if the title is drawn "occurred at the junction of Henan and Anhui serial murder: the man with a screwdriver and even kill 4 people", or "Henan" two words "is directly removed, 311 national road is serial murder: the man with a screwdriver and even kill 4 people", click rate and comment will now drop a lot.

professional and amateur distinction in this. The article is divided into four levels:

1, >