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618, the major electricity supplier brand began a new round of fighting. From the beginning of 520, flying cow network fully open a month of promotional activities, detonated in advance all the shopping spree. So the years chop hands fly good the cattle Network is self-evident, the flying cow net a month promotions have a four wave of surprise, hey turn the audience! The big Pro flying cow net force across the board, bringing the most favorable for consumers.

flying cow network good 1 yuan maximum reach $1000

flying cow network the following year in the promotion activities of the biggest discount rate of 1 yuan to 1000 yuan, as long as you in May 20th -30 day, open the flying cow network pre designated home appliances, will be able to enjoy huge concessions in the active period. Such as Sacon brand kitchen supplies, 1 yuan up to $1000!

flying cow network in May 30th -6 month 6, the beginning of the war is a large group of cheap cheap first wave of promotions, the explosion rate of other electricity supplier website. Among them, a single product group mainly concentrated in the miscellaneous miscellaneous, maternal and child, food, etc.. Among them, mother and baby, underwear and miscellaneous are 40 percent off and below. Women men, men’s shoes, accessories, bags and luggage is 40 percent off and the following brand group. Members can use coupons at a discount.

second wave of preferential date is June 7th -6 month 15 days, flying cow net necessities campaign is chowhound major combat and adorable treasure operations, the value of 1 billion yuan each child to grab the value! Offers food, care, maternal, clothing and other miscellaneous 100.

June 10th -6 19 is the outbreak of the flying cow network activities of the 618, but also the last wave of concessions. Flying cow net goods goods discount, the discount of 4 days berserk! In addition to home appliances, digital, card vouchers, full 199 yuan of direct reduction is 15 yuan. Household appliances and digital products 299 yuan directly reduced by $20.

flying cow net good luck to enjoy

how easy to buy? Whether you are new or old members, can participate in this event. Members directly involved in the purchase of goods, new users registered in the flying cow network members can be. As long as you participate in the activities, the amount of money can be converted to the corresponding points, the next can be used in the flying cow net.

from the beginning of May 20th, the user login flying cow network to enter the event page, you can extract a 5 yuan coupon, the same user can draw 5 times per day (i.e. can get up to 5 Zhang, a limited number of coupons cattle) against the stop namely.

to become a member of the flying cow network, from May 31st to the beginning of June 19th, can participate in sweepstakes every day. From May 27th to the end of the event, the daily withdrawal of 43 inch color TV flying cow net, daily coupons can enjoy a discount on folding. Integral extraction of 399 minus 10 cross platform coupons. Please refer to the details of the activities of flying cow network raiders. (http://s.feiniu.com/)

from May 31st to June 19th, fly back to the user’s hands