A really free activity activates my local portal

a truly free activity activated my local portal

you heroes, I write this article is mainly talk about the personal learning to do half the local portal site experience, is also a summary of my own.

I was started in June 2010 to do, in fact, has long been concerned about this piece, but because of all the conditions are not mature, so it has been just the idea. The day before you read some posts, learn a lot of experience, so I think you have a blind, start. Select the domain name, I selected a good local domain name has basically been man finished, so I choose to purchase the domain name, phase of a local area code, but it is too expensive, then the hands of a friend has a www.e0914.com domain name to transfer, I immediately asked the price is not expensive, can be accepted without demur payment finished, the domain name transfer. The program I advance about, genuine program, because I always thought to be like things like, for example, a program, a set of pirated programs, download and modify their own line, but certainly do not, because that is not successful website piracy program. Select CMS, light is the template modification is a very tiring work, this time is not as good at advertising businesses, lara. The whole process is very short, it seems that only 3 days, my Shangluo online on the molding line.

down is how to do the work, how to pull popularity. Specific details, such as many webmaster said, is a very difficult process. Not in detail here, as for how to pull popularity, brother is learning a number of ways, and in accordance with their local conditions themselves engage in several activities, but also are more successful, on the forum several users have Q me, ask me is how to do, then the younger brother to today dear brothers and sisters to report.

can do local portal friends all know, now the two or three line of the city is very popular for the QQ group, the forum website + we are generally not how to participate, so I have to find a way to break this kind of phenomenon, only to break this situation, we can have the opportunity of development, so do local station friend must and local Q group in this relationship, I believe that everyone has their own tips. Our website to October, we are ready to engage in the first meeting of friends. But in my opinion, I would like to maximize the publicity of our station, I would like to do a free event, so as to show that we do the style of the portal and commercial atmosphere.

for the first time to go out and a local has opened more than half of the largest nightclub, but their business projects are KTV and disco. I went to see the boss, I put the activities of the idea to others to say, the boss is very straightforward (in fact, I do the customer generally do the entertainment industry are relatively straightforward), a promised, then let me come up with a specific cost.