ndustrial and commercial administration issued opinions regulate the quality of commodity trading n

Xinhua news agency, November 17 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Gao Jing) to strengthen the network commodity quality supervision and management, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the 17 "on the strengthening and standardizing the quality inspection of the dealer network opinion".

opinion, in the sampling of the organization and implementation of the link, the industrial and commercial administrative departments should vigorously promote random checks, random determined to be spot checks of network commodity operators, strengthen the quality supervision of network products. For consumer complaints, the relevant organizations and administrative law enforcement found that the quality of the focus of the commodity, the organization of network commodity sampling, the development of sampling plan and determine the sampling plan. The administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall, within five working days as of the date of receipt of the inspection result, notify the network operator. If the test fails, the producer of the sample shall be notified, and the third party trading platform shall be notified by the sampling platform of the third party. By sampling the network operators or samples of nominal producers with objections to the inspection results, may apply for re examination.

administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall, in accordance with the law, promptly announce the results of the online commodity sampling. If the goods are checked by the network and are deemed to be substandard commodities according to the law, the business operators of the samples shall be ordered to stop the sale immediately. The administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall, according to law, investigate and deal with the illegal acts of the network commodity operators, and record the results of the administrative penalties in the enterprise credit files, and publicize them to the public through the enterprise credit information publicity system.

advice and clear quality management responsibility third party trading platform operators, to assist the relevant departments to carry out the establishment of law enforcement supervision system, should assist and cooperate with business departments to carry out quality inspection work and other obligations. (end)

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