Google China said the AdSense station error rate of not more than 1%

September 18th, Google Chinese AdSense team said that since September 2005 AdSense products into the China, although there are individual stationmaster of judgment of AdSense technology and the sealing station means expressed dissatisfaction, but this is only a very rare case.

in the 07 years of the end of April, a personal webmaster has the Google appeal court, this is also the first domestic webmaster AdSense v. Google case.

AdSense official said, Google has more than 100 kinds of tools to measure whether cheating and prevent invalid clicks, the correct rate of more than 99%. From a historical point of view, the vast majority of the owners are no problem, some of the complaints are taken to counter the malicious and malicious means. Google sealing station is taken from the process and procedures of the operation and the legal perspective is no problem, but also improve the appeal and releasing mechanism.

, the official also said that the advertising ecosystem is composed of users, advertisers, web publishers, malicious fraud or League clicks, and ultimately harm the interests of users and advertisers. Google in the future there will be a better process to educate the market, I hope the owners do not have luck.

for the proportion of domestic websites and the entire industry is the level of false evidence, Google said it is not convenient to disclose and evaluation.

Google also explains the current AdSense and Adwords two products, some misreading. Google has only one advertising platform, but from a different point of view. AdWords is for advertisers, put money into the search engine; and AdSense is for publishers, is a profitable platform.

Google also said that AdSense marketing team has a large customer department is responsible for the world’s top 500 enterprises, SMEs are responsible for agents and online services. In the future will gradually change the current situation of domestic users do not pay. Adsense news list