Line will be in July 15th in Tokyo New York and PO into this year’s largest technology PO

Tencent technology news June 10th, foreign media reports, regulatory documents show that instant messaging application Line will be listed in Tokyo in July 15th, will also be listed in the United States time on the market in New York in July 14th.


Line listed in Tokyo guidance price of 2800 yen per share, will be issued in Tokyo, up to a maximum of $112 billion 700 million in shares.

sources said, Line’s goal is to raise $1 billion to $2 billion of funds, valued at $5 billion to $6 billion. The news also said that Line chose to raise half of the funds from the U.S. investors, the purpose is to expand the market in Southeast Asia after the extension of the tentacles to the North American market.

sources, Line has been profitable, roadshow activities in this month’s end, it will become one of the highlights Line link.

statistical data compiled by Bloomberg show that if Line achieve the goal in the IPO, which will become the largest IPO this year, science and technology enterprise scale, bring a rare bright spot for the IPO market approach death. Although the world has more than 160 private company valuation reached or even exceeded $1 billion, but this year the science and technology enterprises in the IPO, there is no company financing more than $150 million.

valuation fell

this will be the second time to test the water Line IPO market. July 2014, Line has submitted a listing application to the Tokyo stock exchange. Sources said, Line was the company’s valuation of 1 trillion yen (about $9 billion 200 million). Since the IPO efforts crashed by the parent company of South Korea Naver control Line then replaced its chief executive officer. Naver, which has been listed on the Seoul stock exchange, has risen 7.4% this year.

Line decline in the valuation of the initial public offering, reflecting the company’s user growth slowed, as well as the market for science and technology enterprises IPO enthusiasm has cooled. Statistics of CPA firms in Yongan shows that the first quarter of this year the global science and technology enterprises through the IPO to raise about $900 million, far lower than the same period in 2014 of $6 billion 500 million, and $2 billion 800 million for the same period last year. Bloomberg statistics show that this year’s largest technology companies IPO, the Australian logistics software company WiseTech in April this year, the initial public offering. At that time, the company raised a total of about $130 million.

sources said the investment bank Nomura Securities, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs will serve as the IPO Line joint lead underwriter.

investors have begun to lower their levels from the end of last year, as well as rich countries