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impact search engine update your website several factors

first you want to update, update frequency is best once a day; if you have a lot of time and effort, as far as possible to update frequently, can be two or three times a day. Because Baidu, Google to update your website is the main update frequency depends on your own website, as long as your site updated frequently, add new best original content that engine spiders will often update your

networkThe following characteristics of

die site, your site belong to this column

Behind the beautiful

seem to have a calm sea deep regret, perhaps simmering. The Internet is in rapid development speed of geometric level, Chinese network 2008 would be a leap year, is also the rapid growth of the number of sites of the year, when everything is beautiful and comfortable, countless young Jiyang indulge in network bubble like the beautiful dream, the south is heard from

Baidu K station after the re included experience summary

review of the past six months, I reflect on the summary of the experience included in the summary for the reference: one is to adhere to the original. In a word, insist that every day I have to add one or two original articles, more time, can increase 20, this is the need to adhere to the endurance and perseverance, for six months, so long do not see what results, first family did not agree, yes, no flow of money.

curse millions of traffic to

also see Chinese ten Internet years, how EBAY is famous for? When most of the advertising make many people angry and scold scold? EBAY is famous! Coincidentally, TAOBAO is taking the same route, you scold scold, fame has come, but also become one of the myths of the Internet China!

China’s personal success of the ten major webmaster

China successful personal webmaster said there were many, less said also many, they have many common characteristics, "Yulin blog" extracted from the most obvious, and that is the most important of the 10, called the "10 China successful personal qualities". It may be more appropriate to call it the top 10 features of China’s successful owners.

with personal experience to tell you the secret Baidu included

first, Google is two hours included (September 22nd), Baidu is collected in October 9th (18 days) and included in Baidu keyword ranking eighth, Google ranked fifth at first, I was a novice, originally for other sites did the promotion, the promotion of pure forum, SEO didn’t feel completely, just the flow is extended to other sites in the Forum Forum, still doing a month…

little movie station earned ten thousand

in January

these days, I revised my safety net, the heart of the future