Adsense nets broadcast 17 million users know where to go Global minimum browser

1 disk IT Leaders Summit: Ma absent Yang Yuanqing when the artillery  


annual IT Leadership Summit, several Internet gangster chunqiangshezhan quanliquanwai are talking about.

summit this year, the lack of Ma Yun, had a slight regret, but because of the sharp words of Lenovo’s Yang Yuanqing, the scene once again become hot atmosphere.

"I want to speak to the traditional Internet companies to remind you, don’t kidnap and hijack our customers, whether it is in the name of security, or in the name of the housekeeper, we will not easily put our customers pay out.

we want to provide a safe and secure platform allows users to easily manage application, what applications should not start it off, lest one day the battery is not enough, the flow is wasted."

2 China’s first online trading rules: forcing buyers to change the assessment can be fined 20 thousand  

Hangzhou has recently introduced the first domestic government regulation of online transactions – "Interim Measures for the management of network transactions in Hangzhou". From May 1st onwards, the seller, the buyer and the three party online trading platform if you want, then you have to eat a ticket.

forced buyers to change the maximum penalty of 20 thousand

shop hung in commodity price far below the market price, but ask "no goods"; a product looks sales high acclaim, actually is the network please professional organizations do not buy "child care"; the heart of the goods, the buyer gave the "comments" or "bad" the seller, call soon entangled, harassment and threats, required to praise"……

3 film Sue Youku and other website tort "Wolf Totem" claims 2 million 100 thousand yuan  

news March 23rd, by providing play links and illegal dissemination of the film "Wolf Totem", the China film company sued three websites such as Youku Youku to infringement claims 2 million 100 thousand yuan. Currently, the Haidian court has accepted.

the plaintiffs, film company is well-known film and television works of "Wolf Totem" copyright law, exclusive they enjoy the film in the territory of People’s Republic of China (not including Hong Kong and Macao) all copyright. After the release of a film, in the plaintiff without permission and pay the reward, provides online on-demand services involved in the film, the illegal dissemination of film and television works.

41 thousand and 700 registered users, know where to go?  

in March 20th, almost called the media communication conference, announced that registered users reached 17 million. There is little doubt that, at the same time, there is a problem on the

how to see in March 2015 almost registered users reached 17 million?