Daily topic balance treasure in the end is what The financial market spoiler

station network (www.admin5.com) June 21st news, recently, under the Alipay personal account information, the sudden appearance of a named "balance of treasure" function. This is Alipay launched the balance of value-added services, customers will balance in the account balance treasure, the funds will be used to purchase monetary fund.

although the balance of treasure launched by Alipay once available will face a lot of controversy, but the distance quietly on the line only 6 days, the docking Celestica fund increase liberty money fund products, the number of users has exceeded 1 million. So in the end what is the balance of treasure it?

the so-called balance of treasure is actually a Alipay financial innovation, launched based on the Alipay account balance treasure function. Alipay accounts with the original, can at any time consumption and transfers, but no interest. Once the money from Alipay account to the balance of treasure, Alipay will automatically help you to put the money to buy the famous "day hongzeng currency monetary fund, so that you in the balance of treasure in money can get the money fund yields, while Alipay also allows you to direct consumption" balance treasure in money (the individual test results did not support the transfer and credit card, if there is an error, please.).

balance treasure is not a deposit business, nor what kind of deposit business." Chen Liang, director of public relations said Alipay, Alipay is a fund to pay channels, users will be transferred to the balance of treasure money to buy the fund, the funds are zoned to the fund company account, managed by the fund company. For questioned Alipay’s use of the balance of "quanqian" topic, Chen Liang published a long article on micro-blog said: "the balance is actually a treasure fund, direct sales system built into Alipay website, sales of the fund is the fund company, Alipay is a base of payment service." Although Alipay has repeatedly whitewash and fund "sales" and "sell" and "Xichu" relationship, but the actual effect of the balance of treasure have apparently reached the third party distribution function.

is the founder of the Alibaba said, "the financial industry also needs a spoiler, need more outsiders come for change". "A spoiler balance treasure is the financial market, for this new thing in favor of consumers, we should welcome the hands in the air.

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