The United States veteran electricity supplier website CafePress personalized printing the long tai

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is now one of the hottest Internet is social and electricity supplier, today we look at the American veteran "personality prints" business website CafePress, the company was founded in 1999, and in March this year, the NASDAQ listed IPO (micro-blog).

"personality prints" for the public is usually not unfamiliar, hats, T-Shirts, handbags, mugs, albums and other products based on the standard, to provide personalized photo printed DIY service for users. In China, such as NetEase, click network, Kadang Impressionist net website, also provide some character printing services, but mostly in the photo printing, album production, and the user participation is not high.

CafePress but the operating idea is very unique, it can provide in more than 600 different types of products in the printing, and follow the trend of the times, to provide a variety of popular and classic pattern material for the user, is designed to encourage users to upload, to meet user needs a full range of personalized long tail.

CafePress currently owns including 5 "personality prints" website, most of the company’s revenue from personalized printed products, 2011 revenue of $175 million, gross margin stable at 43%, a net profit of $3 million 600 thousand, net profit margin of 2%.

personality first

if you want to get personalized products and to design their own brains, it is very simple, CafePres has more than 300 million kinds of specialty products for customers to choose, many of these products are sold by ordinary users to design their own on CafePress, you only need to click of a mouse will be able to have their own unique products.

of course, most people use CafePress the greatest experience value is still in the hands of the design of happiness and satisfaction. To this end, CafePress also provides some design tools, users can upload their own love pictures, you can add text, change fonts, colors, rotation and position layout, and can see the effect of visual design.

if you have confidence in their own design, but also through the CafePress platform to sell their products to make money. At present, there are many CafePress based on the design of the production of grassroots designers, they continue to introduce their new design, and their own pricing; CafePress sales to pay a fixed proportion of the royalties.

2011, CafePress total number of customers more than 12 million, the total number of members of the user reached 15 million. CafePress average weekly image upload up to 130 thousand.

has 5 personalized print website

CafePress currently has 5 "personalized print" web site: including the above