President Liu Qing talked about drops taxi Wars This is a difficult match but we happiness within

Tencent technology, according to foreign media reports, Liu Qing, President of trips, said on Tuesday, will be out of China, the development of new international market. In this process, drops are likely to cooperate with local travel companies to share.


said Liu Qing was held in California in 2016 in Laguna Beach WSJDLive Global Technology Industry Conference: "by focusing on global layout, internationalization is an important mission of our."

said she is evaluating the possible new market, and may cooperate or compete with existing market share travel companies. If you see that a lack of strong local companies in the market, it will participate in the competition.

Liu Qing announced that drops in September annualized GMV reached about $20 billion, the current drops every day in 400 cities to complete the 20 million orders. Similar to competitors Uber, drops from these orders to get a small amount of revenue as a share. However, unlike the Uber attack around the world, the trickle is still the main focus of the Chinese market.

Liu Qing said: "it was a difficult game, but our happiness within." She does not think that Western technology companies in China lack of fair competition environment, such as apple and IBM as an American company in the Chinese market success.

drops is also a partner in the United States Uber rival Lyft. The two sides signed a cooperation agreement to help their users to travel to the other side of the market, from the other side of the platform hit the vehicle.

Liu Qing was asked how she came to the meeting. Liu Qing said she hit a Uber car from the airport to the hotel, and from the hotel to the venue to take the Lyft vehicles.

said: "the experience is very good!" (compile / Li Hui)