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      like the Uruguay football team, in the 1990 World cup. In Italy, Udine, Uruguay team ushered in the first group phase rivals spain. The brilliant Uruguay team played a good play, the offensive will suppress opponents almost breathless, but the young Reuben · Sosa was the doings of ghosts and gods had to accept the penalty kick, 0 more than 0 results. The world cup, Herrera, Gutierrez, de · Leon, torrazza, Perth, Oscar Francescoli, Reuben · Sosa, the name is rooted in my heart, and the group phase in the final game of Fonseca scored the winning goal. However, at that time, China’s football magazines and newspapers were so poor that they could not find any information about football in Uruguay, so I had to bury it in my heart.

      1995, CCTV broadcast the first American Football Cup, the American Cup was held in Uruguay, I finally have a chance to see the blue Legion face. Ten years later, when I saw a netizen so that final description of the text, still full of excitement. Who still remember in 1995 that Montevideo is full of hustle the night? The 34 year old prince led Uruguay defeated world champion Brazil, the America’s cup again crowned the clear blue sky……. Yeah, that night Uruguay was the best team in the world……"

      2001 after I graduated from college, because the job is computer, the main content is graphic design, website, multimedia and so on, they began to do a simple personal website, released a little of his own literary works. Then after a few months of collecting information, I added on the website of the Uruguay football column, it should be the predecessor of the Uruguay football Chinese network. The column does not have a strong timeliness of news and match reports, only a brief introduction of the Uruguay national team, the results of the world cup, a number of star players and pictures. Six months after the beginning of 2003, I bought the domain name and space, began to really do Uruguay football Chinese network.

      through this site, I know a lot of friends concerned about Uruguay football. The forum has become more people, QQ group has also been added. But now it seems, because Francescoli, Recoba, Fran, the popular star chevanton visited the station a lot of friends, but the real love of the whole Uruguay football, rather than paying attention to individual star fans is too little. In 2003, I also met a friend who likes football in Uruguay,, two years later, I met another friend QWER. It should be said that these two friends to help me is the biggest, so I always feel lonely, there are people who go.

      I’m looking for news in general