A letter from the founding of the nternet Entrepreneur Club

13 at 2 p.m., Baidu held a press conference in Beijing announced the launch of the establishment of the Internet Entrepreneur Club, while publishing Baidu search engine optimization guide. It is easy for the author to participate in the preparation of the club and as a director.



to Beijing at a time when the Internet came to participate in the Preparatory Committee of the entrepreneurship club that Robin Li attaches great importance to this club and served as honorary president of the Baidu Inc, and for small and medium-sized webmaster cooperation more urgent desire. Will Baidu relevant responsible person also specifically mentioned, Google adsence’s revenue accounted for 50% of Google Corporation, Baidu alliance proportion is very small, the future Baidu Inc will increase the union investment, but there are a lot of technology master to join, especially today, Baidu launched a special promotion, obviously is to more small owners to join.

can obviously feel the Baidu club in the preparatory meeting of the club’s open, hope that through the platform to have a face-to-face communication with the owners of the opportunity to eliminate some long-standing misunderstanding, the first 10 members from all over the country the webmaster circle organizer, for all the members, we put forward a proposal it is hoped that this club is not Baidu’s webmaster club, but a national nature of the third party, and can be used as representatives of Internet entrepreneurs, to help them to get all the help.


wants to use the Internet entrepreneurs Club platform as some of my own opinions, but also through this platform to help a new step on the Internet industry in Sichuan.

below as a director of the webmaster some insights:

"entrepreneurs" magazine article "webmaster is dead" resonates powerfully in the Internet industry, a ten year Chinese Internet has gained rapid development, the same individual owners by means of SP, CPA and other Internet industry become a force can not be ignored. But now the head of the living environment is more and more bad, government regulation, market competition makes gangster admission, in the past year the website introduced about 400000, many people have to switch. The last time in Beijing a table a stationmaster regrets say: "the last ten years, to our personal webmaster rich opportunity, now is the real test of our time".

I do not agree with the "webmaster is dead", is not very willing to say the webmaster of this title, but the current Internet business environment is getting worse, but for those who harbor the world, aspiring young people, "do not start or die". The establishment of the Internet business in such an environment club is more important, but Baidu proposed and initiated this thing around our organizers are very happy, but also very happy to function in our power, the country’s Internet entrepreneurs unite, relying on Baidu’s support to help them to get more traffic clearly, the profit model, >