Hao Bing talk about several ways to promote medical website

if a friend asked me how to promote their own website, Hao Bing’s recommendation is to list the promotion methods you know one by one, according to the characteristics of their own customers, and then screened for their own promotion methods, and then was to carry out, in general, soft Wen promotion, Baidu know promotion, bidding and SEO it is more popular, suitable for almost any industry, in fact he is very ashamed, you see my article you should know, in fact, my writing is bad, not good at soft. O (a _ U) o

My friend

some time ago in a hospital in Beijing to ask me, how should they promote the hospital website, I probably looked at their hospital in Beijing visibility or comparison, SEO is also doing well, some of the more popular words in the Beijing area is optimized to the first page, but also thousands of daily flow IP for the hospital website, is not too bad, I don’t know what they usually use promotion methods, do not know they have much room for improvement, only as a peripheral people to give them some reference. I don’t know the results of the search elsewhere (


a local forum

first to hire full-time writers to describe the third party tone of their relatives (family members) treatment experience, and now is a hospital treatment, treatment in the hospital mentioned mood obviously, and delivered a live nature of the post in the forum, describing the treatment time Pro people themselves, let users feel real with the popularization of Internet, tone, during different time points of the top posts with dozens of vest, to let users care about the owner of the post, resonate, let users have posted the desire etc..


1, that can not be too false.

2, appropriate to pass some photos.

3, the average daily published a post can be.

4, the forum must have visibility, popularity is high, the preferred Baidu post bar

two, news media

news media are generally very authoritative. News push is also the most common way used in recent years. The content of the news media is easy to convince, and people who do not do it will not be considered advertising. In particular, the content of a large news site will be a lot of reprint.

through Baidu news search to see, 11 years of news about the next 10 years, only a total of only a few articles on the news of the 8 30. This hospital can be seen in this convenient to do,

a month at least 3 articles related to the site or local well-known media news push, push to the assured hospital or 39 Health Network such as medical portal, if can make them sticky or recommended, it can turn a few, and these users are very accurate, of course, the local health portal station if the channel, china.com, xinhuanet.com, JINGWAH network, Qianlong health is very good. And these news sources

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