The essence of nternet marketing let your visitors trust you

network is a popular platform for many grassroots entrepreneurs, we all believe that the threshold of low network venture, so crazy to enter this platform. The majority of Internet entrepreneurs are like to go after the webmaster this road. As a grassroots webmaster, a lot of friends think of how fast profit. The profit is directly linked with the flow of this many people want to use SEO to get high traffic. But we must also be a major problem, that is, although many sites have a high weight, flow, but the conversion rate is poor. The reason is that you do not understand the marketing.

you don’t know marketing is like you to a customer to promote their products, you put your product to say two days, but after hitting your customers put forward a few questions, but you ask a question three do not know. In response to this problem, the author naturally think of webmaster friends why site no visitors, why the site can not profit. For many owners do not know how to marketing, I also share their views from several aspects.

A: what is my site features, visitors are willing to come?

many business friends in the network often has a drawback, that is love to follow suit, than people do what kind of site earn money on a bee influx. See Zhang San do buy network to make money, but also to do. Have you taken into account the webmaster friends do I have this advantage? I need to pay what I need to learn what, etc.. Many people do not consider these questions let site quickly on-line, and then to find direction in the process of operation, and ultimately only hastily. I have a friend in the station at the beginning of the beginning made a heroic utterance soon, that can be profitable. At that time, I saw some of the site’s theme is not clear, and there is no advantage of their own, said the site is not long". Just less than half a year, the site quickly shut down. Only a lot of entrepreneurial projects on the network, the site is a lot of types of stereotyped. If our website does not have distinguishing feature, do not have competition ability, so why do visitors want to come, why does the visitor spend time on our site?.

two: how to make visitors believe us, cohesion visitors is the key

for most of the site we can see that there is a problem is not sticky visitors. What is the reason? Because the contents of the value of your site to provide visitors want to let visitors, the site can not convince visitors do not convince us, how to retain visitors? So in marketing, we have not done enough. In particular, some medical sites, the entire site is overwhelming advertising information, do not pay attention to the hospital brand, no good reputation, how to retain visitors. Some people say that the hospital does not need to repeat, medical sites are one-time visitors, this view is right? Admittedly, medical site visitors are one-time visitors, as long as the visitor’s illness cured or visitors to find the information you want often will not come again, but the effect of these two times disposable bring the visitors for a long time, they will recommend to him.

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