n addition to copy and poster sensational graduation season brands also how to play

is a year after graduation, out of the school gate, you can not buy a few dollars a pound two meal.


left the protection of the ivory tower, you have to enter the society in a large vat.


when you begin to work, you can also Lai bed, never late, of course, sometimes not on time " class ".


in such a hot spot in front of the brand, you have to sit tight? Mei summarizes numerous cases flowers found: brand marketing is the usual posture / chase hot –


today is to give you a list of plum flowers on the graduation season copy, posters, take a look at the brand can learn from these posters skills, to catch this a hot occasion


– copywriter –

here are several different styles of graduation season for everyone to choose from.

Miss youth:

1 so-called youth, is the school.

2 with a time of four years for a heart forever memories.

3 shoot a graduation photo took only 1/1000 seconds, but stopped the University time.

is the only 4 graduation photos we took a very ugly but not throw away.

Miss classmate:

1 graduation day, give students a pure embrace, because it may never see again.

2 from all corners of the country to go to far apart from each other. No matter where you go, I just want to say: treasure ah,


3 the last lesson the teacher gave us was the name of the class.

looking to the future:

Some people dream of 1

has been achieved, but more people are rushing on the way in the dream.

2 life has opened the mind, to our friends, let us bravely forward, to enjoy the experience the boundless vast


funny force type:

1 graduation day, don’t cry, smile out of good


2 I hope I can become your child a few years after his godfather


– Poster –

in addition to copy, poster and brand marketing occasion highlight. God: the combination of products and posters to perfect your focus, reflect the designer and copy the strength of the moment has finally arrived.

1 Baidu: graduated from University, she would like to return home, how should I do?

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