Share the five key points of the construction and operation of the site easy to achieve dream

easy achievement webmaster dream, as long as you have enough time, have energy not afraid of hardship, I think you have a successful start. I work and rest basically all the time on the Internet, see information, news, engage in Web site, do analysis, this is my online assembly line. Long night, also hard to sleep tonight, at this time I indulge in my website career memories, in my site experience, found himself along the way, really tasted the life sour, sweet, bitter, hot salty "Five", a bitter defeat, have the joy of success, to accompany on how many remember the night, Amoy to the site to make money several gold…… Tonight, suddenly have a desire to write something, maybe I can really write down their own webmaster career, the experience process of establishment of my experience to write it down, and all the people saw this post said.

I first met

in July 2005, PowerEasy CMS and Dvbbs, realize my dream; in January 2006, my website; January 2007, Lele health fitness online line; in 2008 07, Ali received advertising fees…… Along the way, I have a kind of inexplicable feeling, thought was released, the spirit has been relaxed, my site experience to share this great start.

I will be divided into web site operations planning, website content, website optimization, website traffic, website profitability five key points.

first site planning is the primary link in the website operation, play a guiding role.

site planning as the steering wheel, determines the direction of the development of the site and outlet, but also affect the site traffic and site traffic. I do more than three years of network editing, found that planning for a site is very critical. A lack of planning is the most terrible, but not the direction of the blind do stand, but still went into a dead end, even waste a lot of time and energy, will be empty in the end.

site planning is mainly for the web site to do a simple, that is to say, what is your website main content, your website who is the group, what is your website visitors to your site, or a strong competitive advantage in where, what is the future development direction of your website…… And so on.

second web site content is a necessary part of the operation, play a role in filling.

web site content, such as additives, determines the flow and profitability of the site, but also affect the implementation of the site planning and site optimization. Web site content is generally divided into reprint, pseudo original, original three levels, reproduced content is completely and other sites, including the title and the text, this copy and paste and collection is not very different.

pseudo original content is reproduced with the text almost, in the title and the first paragraph of the article or article summary has changed, which is much better than pure collection. Original content is the depth of the integration of the article reproduced, one or more articles to be resolved or integration, or completely self created content. Like in my cell phone

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