Vocational training school how to do network marketing


site is now more and more occupation training, occupation training class for this type of site should be how to promote out of enrollment? In the traditional New Oriental chef training for every summer enrollment hot season, major television stations everywhere is the New Oriental provinces admissions advertising. This is such a large vocational training schools can invest so much advertising costs. But for those in the careful occupation training school especially small training school, impossible to achieve such a large advertising investment, so for this kind of small occupation training school in addition to the traditional recruitment methods, what other way? The answer is certainly the absolute majority of people will say is through the network marketing, then the occupation training schools should be how to do network marketing


from the training school website itself, for any occupation training schools do first need to self positioning, i.e. starting from their own professional, your professional suitable for the types of people, then you need to design the website positioning according to this kind of crowd, only your station caught your target group, so we can talk of him leave to continue to understand your website, understand your professional.

first, search engine marketing. This is no doubt, now no matter who wants to do what have already been accustomed to use Baidu Search in computer. For the search engine marketing is the two most important SEO and pay bidding. SEO is the best way to get accurate traffic free of charge, through the natural keywords ranking to bring traffic, thus precision marketing. The paid bidding in mainland China led by Baidu, is to allow you to quickly show the Baidu home to get traffic. The two main ways to pay attention to the main factors of the training schools are: website construction, key words selection, optimization strategy and the quality of consulting staff.


information extrapolation. Some network promotion will also be summed up in the category of SEO, and here alone, I think he can independently complete the marketing. Information extrapolation of the main points: classification information and soft Wen promotion. Classification information as the name suggests is mainly in the classification platform above. For example, 58, go to the market, people net is a platform to let them borrow their weights according to the information presented in the Baidu home page, the 21 is to rely on the platform since the height of flow, high display, in the platform of their own platform to attract visitors. However, the classification of information has its own shortcomings, that is, the survival cycle is short, it is allowed to be covered by other new information, which requires the classification of information than the construction of the chain to adhere to. Then is the soft Wen promotion, it is the main sub forum soft and news. Forum soft main do experience, experience sharing articles; news articles mainly do brand shaping and promotion. The difficulty of this way is to insist on.

finally, interactive marketing. As the name suggests interactive marketing is the main point of interaction above, and now the most common interaction is micro-blog and QQ. Micro-blog has the characteristics of real-time, convenient, concise and fast dissemination of information, which is the most important thing I think is interactive, that is, its commentary, broadcast and other functions. This is the best place for me

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