How to give play to the enormous power of social marketing through examples

in the current Internet have thousands on thousands of, but not everyone can as the origin to success in the Internet, make a success is only less part of the people. In fact, the success or failure of the Internet is indeed associated with many factors, but it was not successful because of the lack of technology and capital, but the lack of a suitable model. More precisely, the lack of an effective way to promote, because a website to do well or need someone to visit it in order to reflect its value.

The promotion of

in our common sense is the use of advertising and SEO, for many grassroots web site is the former really is an unrealistic thing, because we don’t have much money to support such a thing; therefore the most grassroots webmaster is by way of SEO free access flow. Of course, along with a variety of social networking platform matures, many people began to pay attention to social marketing, but for most people it is just a concept but does not seem to be feasible, because we also found many attempts, far less than do SEO really come. But in any case, we can also find in the Internet, there are many very successful social marketing case.

I would like to share with you today, is through a typical case to analyze how to play a huge outbreak of social marketing. And I have recently taken this approach to do some promotion, the results have made me very satisfied with the results. Of course, in order to make it clear that I am writing this article is not to promote my website, but purely for experience sharing, I am here to use my own examples are not used, but the use of the Internet we have heard about something; but we may not have had time to analysis, or we simply do not have the habit of the analysis summary.

first, hot event mining. The occurrence of a whole nation make people feel very sad thing in this month, that is the KunMing Railway Station terrorist violence, of course, this event seems to tell us the Internet without wool relationship, we can only as ordinary citizens against terrorists condemned and dissatisfaction. However, such a thing is social marketing in a very lively case, we can found recently in the QQ space and the WeChat circle of friends and other social networking platforms, there are a lot of information about the violence related, including that terrorists may also attack which city or encounter a terrorist attack how to do so seemingly very useful of course, we can not deny that many of them is really well intentioned people to people that, but most of them are some people created in order to achieve their own interests and content, some content or even logically unreasonable, or even suspected of spreading rumors. But it is undeniable that they make their own products or their own desire to get exposure to the effect of the chain reaction information, showing the number of millions of.

second, by people’s sense of responsibility. Although we all think that people are indifferent to others, but in any case when we face

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