Zuo Mingyan to promote the network of new proposals

said the network engaged in the promotion of new work, I engaged in this work a year, a year ago, the word even network promotion have not heard, is never understand began to learn from. Learn some basic knowledge of network promotion. Now think back to their own learning network promotion, compared to now just get started in the network to promote the work of the newcomers, a lot of difficulty, then along with the knowledge of the evergreen learning network promotion.

learning network promotion from the foundation to start

I am in the early stages of learning, are starting to learn from some of the basic start to go. For example, our common Forum promotion, Q & a website promotion. Although these methods are familiar to many people. Because we are very familiar with, so it is easy to be looked down upon, and even some people want to learn network promotion is not willing to do these promotion methods. In fact, they do not want to do the reason is very simple, one is tired, the workload is large, two is the effect is not as good as before. So I don’t want to do, want to find another way, some new methods, in fact, their starting point is good, after all, a new method, know and use fewer people, the effect is good. But now the network popularization has done very transparent, want to find a new method: easier said than done.

you should know that the first people familiar with Mou Changqing, should be looked at his share of the forum for the promotion of the article, also let me from some basic promotion methods began to learn the walk, and then gradually to learn. Some people may say that I have not done the basic promotion, and now do so well in this industry. But I think, such a person is still a minority, most people have had the experience of basic promotion, it is recommended that new people, or the basis of the first start learning from the start.

learning network to promote more practice summary

is a new, when you do after a period of time on the basis of this, we can set up a station or personal independence blog, only after their own web site, in order to better improve their actual combat experience. Whether you are engaged in the work of network promotion in what kind of company, I believe that the company’s website is not going to give you the Sui heart desire adjustment, may you adjust the final result is correct. But you don’t have more practical experience, there is no more reason to convince the company. After having their own website, can try some methods has not been previously exposed continuously, through practice and summary on their website, can be perfectly applied to the company’s products above, so that your company also won more say.

before I learned it is like this, when I do after a period of time in the forum to promote the professional web promotion company, a mouchangqing document required to build their own websites, to practice some other promotion methods through this website, after listening to his advice, I have done several different types of continuous the website, which also includes independent network promotion of my blog. Through their own web site, to carry out a number of forums to promote

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