Seven effective ways to promote the movie station

since the last published in Admin5, a new way to promote the movie website IP a thousand times a week, has been recognized by many friends, there are a lot of friends add my QQ. We share a lot of promotion methods and experience of the film station. Also let me learn a lot, I feel really stood up to the ranks of the webmaster. Ha ha!

many of my friends asked me the first question is almost "how do you do?". I would like to say that the method can be found on the Internet, I can tell you (although I will only part). But the most important factor in determining whether you can succeed or not is your execution and determination, not the method!

well, in the article I have said two methods. In fact quite useful, after a period of study and practical popularization, and know a lot, today I put some of my personal promotion methods are being used to share with. Master laughed, I hope to help the novice like me who my friends.

, a search engine optimization effect of this is the best and the highest technical one, because traffic from search engines are high quality, but to really bring good results if technology can be hard enough, huh. Anyway, since I want to choose to do more or less to be SEO, and stick to it.

Two, the use of

system to guide the flow of this kind of question answering communities commonly used are: Baidu know, ask the question and answer, and ask, know, etc.. Attention should be paid to Baidu know and do not too much to promote the horizon, or the domain name may be blocked. People love to ask Sina, because Baidu asked in higher weights, and audit relatively loose. The problem is that you can’t leave hyperlinks directly.

three, Wikipedia encyclopedia now I mainly do: Baidu encyclopedia and e-books. One of the main Baidu, but Baidu encyclopedia is now more stringent audit, especially to modify the entry of other people, so we try to establish new words as early as possible. Encyclopedia can bring us a higher chain and flow, is a good way to promote the film station.

four, the addition of the chain in addition to the link I mainly do the 360 pocket collection, Cape of Good Hope, watercress and the forum’s signature. One of the 360 pockets of the most easy to get the chain, watercress audit more stringent, it may be a period of time was closed. I have been sealed a N number, but the weight of the watercress in Baidu is still worth doing.

five, the effect of soft Wen Wen said we do not have to know. In addition to the major stations in the contribution of soft Wen, the movie station can also focus on the major film and television enthusiasts to focus more on the release of a number of films or TV series recommended soft Wen, the effect is very good. But remember not to AD too straightforward or hair or hair, ha ha.

six, video watermark class this is what I have just started to do, but the effect is pretty good. Main release >

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