The first step of website promotion

as the saying goes, everything is hard in the beginning, the webmaster website is the same, whether you do regular station or intend to do the dumpster, would want someone to visit your website in the future. So you need to choose a keyword as the theme of your site. For example, I do, I choose the key word is miss. The key words in Baidu’s daily search volume of more than 5 thousand, should also be a popular keyword. Keyword selection is the first step of the site, this step wrong, you will lose the whole game.

if your keyword is too popular, there are too many experts, your site may be difficult to have a good ranking. Keywords if too popular, so even if you do the first home, the day also not a few people. So the choice of keywords is a very contradictory thing. Now we will analyze how to choose a suitable keyword.

, a popular keyword, do is to have cold words to win, if a keyword one day bring you 10 flow, if you have 100 popular keywords have good rankings, that your site a day one thousand traffic.

two, popular keywords. If you have a certain ability, then choose a more popular keywords. Even if you are in the second, 3 above, I think there should be a lot of traffic. Because the search is too many people. Take every day we will use QQ, the word QQ in Baidu search volume is very large, if you can put the key word row, flow must be quite considerable.

three, professional keywords, if you are a personal webmaster, generally do not recommend to do such a keyword, the first you need to have some professional knowledge. Second this keyword is commonly used for enterprise stand, and the enterprise will often ask some experts to help optimize, so you do have some difficulties.

four, predict keywords, if you can do this, I think you are the most successful. Because such a keyword if the fire up or your site traffic is immeasurable. It’s a bit like buying a lottery ticket.

in the website before keyword must choose. According to their ability to choose a key word, and then around the key word to do stand, I think you should not be far away from success.

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