After a lapse of several days to talk about feelings of marketing is whether or not the hammer failu

after a lapse of several days, Luo last speech personal brand series ended. No matter what happened after a hammer what, what wrong. Inadequate marketing will still be visible before the eyes. As Luo himself said, hammer is a new product, new attempt, a mistake does not matter, the most important thing is to face and correct the error. Then the old always trust plus feelings of marketing, which is part of the error occurred, resulting in the process of marketing the


Luo wrong: feelings not as a value of

Luo was able to accumulate in the short term so much attention, it is attributed to their personal charm. From the age of the speech to participate in the analysis of the group, 80 is the main force, which is more of a problem. Only the power of the fans is hot head Luo playing bad, in the face of their own these yongcu, old blind think they will always stand in their own this line, all understand yourself, believe in yourself to value their input, and ultimately pay for the product. The effect is indeed very good, the fans also support, but with the emergence of the hammer production capacity and yield problems, fans began to doubt whether the old saying is curry favour by claptrap, face the challenge, he is still stubborn thought feeling is everything, feelings will make self willed. And accompanied by a series of dissonant behavior, hammer began to step away from the commercial market focus on product golden laws and precious rules, until the final debate with Wang Ziru, a large number of fans began to criticize the defection of Luo Luo is not so far, his fans to "offend" pole. Feelings is a marketing tool, but the feelings must not be equated to the value of the product, the commercial society is not a good word you can always fool consumers, you have to get the products it will rise, Luo feelings to a certain height, but has been unable to give the products consumers sufficient protection for who is not willing to, also said the hammer has hated the millet futures strategy, but in the end he is such a delivery delay, and able to take the


fans use the economy has been hit by the fans economy foot

Luo excels is to the greatest extent to call people, let everyone have a centripetal force, and to promote their own products. In fact, in a sense, the hammer in the workmanship is very good indeed very carefully, with fans economy to do the promotion is well deserved, but in this old and not very good continue. More do not understand is that even their own Luo feelings marketing problems, but you can sing your feelings, this process is more or less sure of your fans, do not understand is that the play is not sing half can’t sing anymore, this one completely is to move your stone your feet, is a fan of the economy depends on the coherence of thinking, you want the fans to follow your footsteps, you must let the fans agree your values, is the disruption of the most taboo in the marketing value system, how could you let the fans have a sense of trust.

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