On the ultimate development trend of media people

the ultimate way out from the media is to become super from the media, the so-called super from the media, that is, in a certain area with the ability to induce public opinion from the media. They become the acquisition of dark summon wind and call for rain super from the media means what? Listen to the family to sprinkle.

for example a warm bed, a few days ago, Cheng Lingfeng (pregnant peak) an article by a counter attack led by Baidu fell mouthing Baidu’s opinion, xianyihouyang, the public opinion to the mobile Internet era BAT three lusisheishou especially unknown in the old way, this ordeal, but to Baidu pocketed the eye.

in the field of super super from the media people, with the ability to induce public opinion guidance (or industry opinion oriented), the current value of them is seriously underestimated. Maybe I did not contact the in-depth reason, may in fact they have been heavily nurturing the giant, abnormal moist.

these days, I observed two people have this ability to reverse the industry is a public course, the young cynic (Internet Banking), the other one is Cheng Lingfeng (Internet related industry) (a lot of people like everybody to read this article according to the industry by divergent thinking). The latest published "Jiangnan young cynic payment draft hurt who" one article, Cheng Linfeng: "what Uber and Baidu also saw a paper?". Their voices with the beginning of the public opinion into the reverse trend, causing the reverse thinking people, so as to arouse the next round of counterpropagating wave. It seems that every incident occurred, can have many angles, but from the public opinion direction of view, by the inter bar view constitutes the whole event from the fermentation to the climax to fade out the propagation process of public events is often the most effective communication with. In other words, ups and downs, to the maximum extent to attract the eye, the strongest effect of communication.

This is a

potential demand, when public opinion one-sided, potential stakeholder organizations will appear life-threatening adverse public opinion. Especially in the uncertain events, more practical. One shot dead on the beach of the opinion of course, such as the Sanlu milk scandal, but there is a process of the struggle, but the PR layer of paper is not too thin enough to anti opinion raging in today’s society (there is so much more than Sanlu bad practices that have not been exposed, such as the interests of the family the industry monopoly, this shows that as long as the reverse energy is strong enough, then bad behavior can be flooded). It can even be said that no matter what kind of event, as long as it involves different stakeholders, there must be a process of public opinion to guide the game.

has the node energy to guide the public opinion, the value will be unlimited highlights, a toxic hot eye interest groups, public opinion will be firmly in control, even if it is a universal truth, there are ways to discredit people cast aside. (Research on human populations have been fully demonstrates its maneuverability, simple point can see Pang le "a motley crew")

in the Internet era, many areas are released, or the right is not folded state machine. To present the industry mouthpiece >

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