The product manager’s eye to see how STEAM affects Chinese Education

education essence

In fact, we each individual

are missing something, have the advantage that the adult education can be added, but most people don’t realize, simply said, is not to be an independent individual.

what is the essence of modern education: "do not let the children lose at the starting line". The word "Education" is the education of ancient Greek sages Socrates created "E", "duce" outside, "tion" guide, guide, education is to guide a person’s heart, to help him find the true self, to seek their own happiness. Education is not a game of endless exams and competitions, nor to portray him as a social screw nail; you are out of the ordinary, you may also listen to the song than the oriole, it should be a happy education in mining.

policy interpretation

in September 2, 2015, the Ministry of education in 13th Five-Year, the first mention of the "plan" to explore creating education new education mode;

in November 19, 2015, Vice Premier Liu Yandong in the "second national education information work video conference call" to mention "the creation of customer education to improve students’ information literacy and innovation ability";

December 11, 2015, the central audio visual Education Hall in the seventeenth national primary and secondary school computer production activities, the new passenger project".

March 3, 2016, Ministry of education equipment research and Development Center for the 2016 points according to the Ministry of education work deployment, to create customized education and "STEAM" courses as strengthening innovation to create the center of educational research work.

product form

TO C: to the school curriculum, teaching materials and teaching equipment output, ex: a college education, de la


TO B: to provide a range of solutions for schools or businesses, ex: Shanghai STEM center, Department of education, DFrobot;

typical case

Le Bole Bo

birth: founded in 2012

business model: direct + join mode


25 provinces and municipalities in the country to achieve a comprehensive and rapid layout, with a total of 63 stores and direct stores in the 115. Which Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu, Hangzhou market share advantage

Beijing market contributed 78.92% of the company’s sales revenue

green orange

Investment: lanxum kangbang

features: RPG game elements with the curriculum system

: a study of advantage of relying on the Tsinghua University Laboratory of STEAM < > off the direction of educational theory

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