Five necessary conditions for blogging to make money

    recently, a netizen asked about the blog to make money related matters, I just write down some of their views on this. I think that in order to make money by writing blog, we must meet five conditions, are indispensable, the following in brief. (Note: the following conditions for well-known writers and professional writers, such bloggers the professional depth, websites, newspapers and magazines are easy to use and obtain remuneration, this article only want to pass on her own blog link advertising into a blog.)

      1: your reputation and Bowen is attractive enough to attract the "million" as a unit of the amount of clicks (provided that does not involve illegal content!).

      2: your blog is to provide the source code to modify their own features, only for the modified blog is likely to be inserted into the advertising code.

      3: whether you can choose to "advertising intermediaries" and successfully registered ("advertising middleman" is to provide you with the ad code, and the income statistics and into the site, such as the GoogleAdsense).

      4: smooth up "advertising intermediary" to provide advertising, you can let you browse the blog readers click on these advertisements (this is the most difficult to do, because advertising is in accordance with the "middleman" clicks "advertising to return your statistics, and" your blog clicks! Visitors do not click on the ads, you work on the white.

      5: if the number of clicks on ads, you can not bear into low (because "advertising intermediary" is in accordance with their own standards to confirm the effective hits into, often low income), and you can get the money smoothly.

      if you can meet the above conditions, then write a blog to make money! If you can not meet, it is not to provoke it, "Bo" to cheer.

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