Resource accumulation and resource integration of B2C website promotion

June 6th earthquake in the Shanghai Station Association organised jointly with the Shanghai Business Forum meeting, more than one hundred friends interested in B2C website promotion together with the head wind and explosion mode site with two target to discuss the exchange, only sell perfume perfume is the site operation for a long time, the network is just on the line for more than two months from the website, the website name to Lenovo site selling merchandise – health related mechanical equipment, but by the traditional resources, according to the introduction of Web site operators has reached a profit, in addition to the target network outside the station there are many web site to the introduction and the exchange, is one of the most amazing China wedding Mall – not really the basic site promotion, no traffic, but all website version of advertisers have been sold, hundreds of thousands of revenue, Unfortunately, the scene did not dig out the key factors, but also can be found from the case of network business profit and there are many unknown possibilities, not limited to certain promotion means for website promotion in many ways, through the Internet search skills, with case has rich information, quake points as a reference.

one is resource accumulation:

promotion may wish to consider how to make a resource accumulation, such as search engine marketing, in addition to SEO or SEM according to the key words, without thinking about how to guide the consumer search habits – search site name or search for a specific word to jump off the competition and the accumulation of resources, can guide the search habits of consumers embodied in the online or offline, for example, name card or catalog is still left. For more information please search for "XXX" to guide consumers to search habits, we may ask the target groups they are relatively easy to remember.? or easier to remember three or four words for

?The same

operators may also wish to assessment in the promotion mode is direct is to hit products for consumers to choose to buy or not to buy, buy to stay, do not buy leave not to leave a little bit of information, or you can turn a corner, to give consumers a little sweetness left for information resource accumulation, then obtain the recognition of consumers again sales of


two is a resource integration

, a sponsor of the event China Fukuoka launched a package, including domain name, server space, website platform, enterprise QQ and so on, as is a mode of resource integration, website promotion process all rely on their own to accumulate resources possible thankless task, through the integration of resources can be a shortcut to

resource integration or high pole can flicker who might be able to empty into the White Wolf, but more time is about mutual win-win even Mendanghudui, better party friends very positive introducing their service or commodity, such as forum marketing, call center and so on, if thinking prior to the due to understand the properties of participants and from the way of integration of resources, and is not only in products, benefits should be better, this is for many website operators in the promotion.

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