Domain name trade to extinction

this old topic and take out McCain, because some people expressed disdain for the new continuously introduced various new suffixes, some of the new suffix domain name was registered, the face in order to buy back, but more and more enterprises said "enough"

aimianzi enterprises said relevant agencies continue to launch new domain name suffix is a kind of irresponsible behavior, believe that the relevant agencies to make money Bo silly ideas that use unscrupulous divisive tactics, it is unfair to the people. The behavior is trying to "domain name" instead of "domain name collection"

domain name evaluation criteria: the first length and significance, second is the suffix, the third class share

"domain of practical" standpoint: the domain name is the address of the site, as long as the site of good product is good, for companies or CN meters com meters is not important, but if the domain name is not easy to remember, influence of practicality, so the new website, launched the suffix is to continuously launch new meters short, curb speculation com m

launched a new suffix is to solve the first problem, the price spread is to solve second problems, if the first and second problems are solved, third problems are no longer important.

as far as many people say that CN has a personal problem, it’s not a problem at all, because you don’t need to "have it all" before it becomes a climate. So we just do not want to directly with the three, the five major portal competition, you can give up the high com m

The domain name is related to the "face"

is now the most difficult to solve, CN meters com meters without rules has been popular, want to engage in big must also have n suffix meters, CNNIC has been through a variety of means to change the idea of people, but it seems like little progress.

the only way to change the status quo is the gradual rise of the CN m website, like and Zhongguancun online, our local information port and so many are not able to have com meters.

CNNIC is intended to enhance the value of CN meters through the popularity of the price, but did not expect things to get it?

is used to determine the value, when all kinds of suffixes more complex, we only know that the prefix of a website, do not know when the suffix, is the default com input, but gradually, has com meters of the station, CN input can also be entered, but has CN meters com meters are the input station 1-2 the station is not to enter the station. This habit will gradually change. Cn meters will rise, and then to Bo silly form extended to other types of meters, finally we saw just instead of the prefix suffix.

I originally inferred that people need to develop a habit of 3-5 months, but in the promotion of the new browser, CNNIC continues to hype on the basis of, it seems my inference appeared deviation, I hope the majority of webmaster Friends >

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