Why electricity supplier to brush single

this is by far the most depth analysis of electric brush single article, the long close to 5000 words, but the words of truth, electricity traders must read……

on the single brush.

seller terms: brush single

social terms: fried letter

note: the store payment please people posing as a customer, use genuine shopping shop to increase rankings and get sales sales and attract customers praise.

according to a survey in the United States, Taobao has 11 thousand shop brush, only 89 were punished. Only in 2013, Taobao’s false trading seller has 120, involving about 500 million transactions, the buyer’s account number of false transactions, trading volume of over 10 billion yuan ($800). At the end of March 2013, the media broke the 30 illegal shops were destroyed in 12 Ali, home to Jingdong, recently broke the news that the Jingdong internal personnel not only requires merchants settled with a single brush, also made it clear that big brother is behind. It is said that the general shop 5000 yuan can brush 500 thousand yuan single, large businesses in the tens of millions or even tens of millions of single brush is common.

why should the seller brush single???

I know you will list N reasons to say:

1: solve the problem of new products without sales

2: solve the problem of ranking

3: solving evaluation problems

4: solve the problem

5: solve the problem of bad effect

6: peers are in the brush, I do not brush no flow

7: wait

in a word: brush the best effect.

brush has been there, but in 2014 is particularly serious. Many people have seven days spiral brush perfected.

Internet is one of the fastest changing industry, in 2014 you can do a good job on the brush list, then the brush is also a problem encountered in 2015, is not it?

so today I want to express my thoughts, this is just a personal idea!

first, talk about the disadvantages of single brush:

disadvantages 1: This is a pit, the deeper the pit.

business can not be divorced from the nature of business, businesses should be more focus on consumer products and services, electronic commerce began, do not think that the bigger now is not too late, this is a wrong idea.


many businesses once tasted the benefits of a single brush, few people put most of their energy improve the strength, improve the team, improve products, because it is human nature, methods have faster and better why so much trouble, it reminds me of the early train fare with very low, many businesses super the rough cast method, as long as the car can make money, its products.

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