China’s cold chain behind the United States half a century fresh electricity supplier can only fight

online procurement fresh more convenient, so that people are increasingly concerned about the cold chain transportation.

interface news has reported that China’s annual loss of fruit and vegetables in the logistics sector can meet the basic nutritional needs of nearly two hundred million people. This waste of the culprit, it is cold chain logistics behind.

SF preferred, fresh, fresh, 1, Jingdong,, Amazon meow fresh fresh, electricity providers have to cross the cold chain logistics, in addition to fresh market and optimistic about the growth trend of huge profits, but also because of low temperature distribution has become an important evaluation standard of service standard electricity supplier.

, however, the basis of the cold chain is weak, leaving more resistance to the development of the electricity supplier. According to the "report" shows China prediction analysis of cold chain logistics industry market research and investment in 2013-2017 years, the annual agricultural products such as fruit and vegetables China loss in logistics, transportation, storage and other picking rate is as high as 25%-30%.

fruits and vegetables, seafood, dairy products and other food from raw materials to the hands of consumers, the entire cold chain logistics, including refrigerated transport, cold storage and fresh delivery of the three links. Cold chain logistics is also used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and other segments of the market, but the pharmaceutical and chemical cold chain logistics accounted for less than 5%.

DDT recently released the China logistics industry investment promotion report shows that China’s cold chain logistics and the gap between developed countries in Europe and America obvious.

on the one hand, the wholesale market is still the main channel of Chinese circulation of agricultural products, but the cold chain coverage rate is low, and the common facilities obsolete, nearly half of the state-owned refrigerator has been used for more than 30 years, does not meet the requirements of cold chain circulation; on the other hand, the actual demand from the chain supermarkets, chain restaurants are also presented the challenge of cold chain logistics China.

part of large supermarkets in order to control the food safety and quality, reduce the cost of logistics, fresh start self channels, however, the ability of cold chain heavy asset allocation of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises and suppliers do not have super, they still need to cooperate with the third party cold chain logistics.

The demand for cold chain in rural areas of

is very low, and the fresh food storage and transportation of urban residents can not be separated from the cold chain. The National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2013-2014 years, China urban residents for milk, pork, fruits and aquatic products contain both cold chain transportation needs of the product consumption rose slightly, the largest increase in fruit, rose 8% last year.

demand growth is also reflected in the cold storage capacity. International Association of cold storage (IARW) predicts that the global cold chain industry in 2017 will be 7.9% compound growth rate of rapid development. To cold storage capacity growth, for example, 68% of the new capacity will appear in China and India, the emerging markets of the two.

from 2008 to 2010, China’s cold storage capacity to double the annual rate of rapid growth. However, the global cold chain alliance (GCCA) data show that China’s cold storage is absolutely

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