The implementation of the new regulations officially registered by the domain name CN

.CN English domain name registration regulations formally implemented, the industry believes that the move will have a certain impact on cybersquatting, but this kind of adverse effect will not last long.

according to the new regulations,.CN English domain name of the longest registration period will be raised from the current 5 years to 10 years. This provision also cancelled 15 days before the deletion period, into a 45 day period of 15 days and automatically renew the high price of the redemption period. But after the expiration of the domain name will automatically renew for a year, the cost from the registration services prepaid account deducted.

, an industry source told reporters, "this means that, from the beginning of 4:30 tomorrow, 60 days will not have CN domain deleted", "this is a bad news for students to rely on cybersquatting speculators".

renamed Chinese CEO Kong Dejing said in an interview with reporters, "the new rules will have some impact on the temporarily renamed Chinese, but after 60 days, every day will still CN domain name has been deleted, the adverse effects will be more and more small".

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