1688 landing in Zhengzhou to the general trade share of cross border electricity supplier

news April 27th, billion state power network that 1688 imported goods platform recently landed in Henan Zhengzhou, the overseas enterprise resources can quickly enter the market in Henan, Henan enterprises can also through the platform to go abroad.

According to the

1688 billion state power network to understand, the sources of imports is a comprehensive business platform to provide online commodity exhibition and trade sector, has been in the line of Ningbo, Wenzhou 9 city. Recently, the platform has been held in Korea to invest, and signed a cooperation agreement with a number of small and medium enterprises in South korea.


according to the 1688 aspects of the introduction, this cooperation mainly covers three parts: 1, Henan bonded group of merchants settled in the platform to provide one-stop service in import sourcing, logistics warehousing, customs inspection, sales platform; 2, to help meet the conditions of the import business to get supply in overseas; 3, for settled business platform subsidies and support operations.

The new environment of implementing

in cross-border retail electricity supplier import of the new deal, the cross-border import electricity supplier’s overall operating costs will rise, imports of goods regulatory rules has not landed, also let many companies hesitate to move forward. 1688 imported goods platform is imported through the general trade, the cost of cross-border bonded with the above has a certain advantage." 1688 division of import business director Chen Yiming said.

Vice president of Alibaba

group Ren Geng said, Zhengzhou has a dual system of logistics hub airport, inland port with the inland port function is also the largest city, can achieve rapid international freight import. Meanwhile, Zhengzhou or the State Council approved the establishment of one of the 13 cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive test area, can facilitate the international cargo clearance.

It is reported that the next

, the platform will also be in Xi’an, Luoyang, Quanzhou and other city site layout, cross-border electronic business platform, and gradually cover the "The Belt and Road along the city.

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