Three thousand phishing domain name is resolved

latest statistics show that as of December 10th, China anti phishing alliance Secretariat has received the alliance member’s anti phishing complaints in 3100 cases, with third party accreditation agencies collaborative judgment, stopped 2720 phishing sites related to domain name resolution, daily processing more than 60 phishing sites.

, the head of Secretariat of the league, China Internet Network Information Center Hanhui sun lawyers remind users, before and after new year’s Day is the peak of online shopping, all kinds of phishing sites will seize the opportunity, through the forum, Post Bar and instant messaging tools to send false discount, giving the user information, click the link to once poisoning, online banking accounts, passwords are stolen the risk of. Please raise vigilance.

is reported that the alliance received complaints from members of the phishing site, once identified, domain name registration service agencies will suspend its domain name resolution within two hours, termination of fraud.

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