No longer sticking out of a new way of travel agency network marketing

one or two years ago at the beginning of contact, when the concept of SEO, I am also interested to learn this and that, to do so, because we are using the travel website platform of their own technology in their own hands, so can try all you want, months of work, we want to do a few key words in the Baidu, and Google have been ranked in the top 3, performance is good, a satisfied.

latest eleven national day in Chenzhou Jia Cheng Yong Jun Luo Luo total cooperation self driving activity planning and network promotion, encountered in the actual operation of the problem can not let my reflection.

Luo’s website, a few keywords " Chenzhou tourism", "Chenzhou travel agency", "Chenzhou tourism network", "Chenzhou Hotel", have a good ranking in the search engine, the basic nature is ranked in the top three, but every day from the search engine to flow and count too many tourists come in, click, jump out rate is very high, most browsing page 3 to page 5, the reaction in the real order, even less.

do you say that even if this site ranking up, there is no order, it makes sense, the reality point, a little bit of meaning, not only to improve their technical level, and did not earn much money.

1, travel agents can play a role in seeking truth from facts!

Chenzhou is the source market, promotion team line on the site, can play a role of publicity for the people of Chenzhou, the old law of market manipulation, does not depend on the individual market, from this perspective, the traditional marketing and advertising, the old business is more direct and practical help, in this website in terms of the company’s brand and is just a propaganda tool.

2, travel agency network marketing focus can be outside the city’s tourist market!

establish a website, we hope to get additional market share from the product side, outside the city has been a guest, order is the main source of hotel reservation. In addition to the team ground, homogeneous products travel most of the city’s website competition is fierce, the website sales tools, whether more attractive, it is difficult to produce beyond the competitiveness of others.

aimed at self driving, self driving tour of this product, its main source, but it is outside the city’s guests. From here, we see a new market, a new source of income. At the same time, the market is the traditional method of propaganda no way to contact the (can not run in Guangdong or Changsha to advertise it), at this time, the website function highlights, use the tools of network marketing, so that we can contact to the outside of the broader market.

3, a breakthrough, not in


shop, or independent web site, most of the travel agency website, are lines, hotels, air tickets, travel companies and several other modules, perhaps we have identified from the heart

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