The history of the most complete collection of Durex copy worth a monthly salary of 30 thousand

write in front of

Some copy of Durex

issued the day before yesterday, a lot of friends to share a message back. So these two days over Durex’s micro-blog, will be more than 90% of its outstanding creative content summary. If you want to learn Durex copy, begin from this article.

in this aside, operating nearly 1 years of creative writing workshops, fans from zero to a broken million, a lot of emotion. I believe that the new media operations are two key points. First, the contents of the output, two fans interaction. Content output determines the attractiveness of your platform, fans interact to determine the cohesion of the platform.


is undoubtedly one of the contents of the output platform, but if the theory of interaction, I think micro-blog @ and @ Jiangning Public Security Online Museum Journal two official blog. I have time to sort out the two wonderful interactive content.

today, we start to appreciate the Durex copywriter.

this paper is divided into three parts, respectively [], [micro-blog creative marketing occasion, and creative advertising] [].

marketing occasion

on an occasion to marketing, estimated micro-blog really nobody played Durex. "Beijing rain shoes" condom "is not" Everbright "thin, wonderful case" will happen sooner or later, the planning team is from Durex – Interactive hand ring. To grasp the hot, fast response, quasi creative clever, it is overwhelmed with admiration for.

1, 2011, Beijing, a heavy rain flooded the capital. Durex will come up with a condom in the rain shoes creative. The micro-blog once issued, within one hour forwarded over 10000, became the classic marketing case.



2, 2012 Olympic Games, Liu Xiang old injury recurrence, hurdles fall, but adhere to the whole process. Durex has issued the following: micro-blog’s fastest man is not the best, adhere to in the end is really strong man



at first glance, the general feeling, but with Liu Xiang due to injury but still stick to the game lost event, and full of humanistic care is perfectly logical and reasonable, but the key people do condoms, "fast" and "stick" simple words full of connotations.

3, 2013, China Everbright Bank was an amusing incident, Durex to play, a genius created "Everbright is not enough, then thin, valley of trouble, Xue Manzi was arrested for prostitution, Durex has the following.


actually, I only found that "thin, something is going to happen sooner or later" poster, the remaining few did not find the copy into the draft, not sure whether Durex really created these.

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