Once thatched room China’s top technology companies start what looks like

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many entrepreneurs are step by step slowly, from a first can not be called the office of the small house to finally have a house belonging to his own office, to experience the hardships at the same time, also harvest to success.

"Lenovo" zhuandashi can be out of large international companies


1984 Institute of computing investment is 200 thousand yuan RMB, by Liu Chuanzhi with 10 research personnel, a total of 11 people to start a business in a rented space in front of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, there is not exclusive of the doorman.

HUAWEI simple room to do the office, the warehouse is the staff quarters


1987, HUAWEI’s first office is located at two shelters on the Gulf of Shenzhen. Later moved to the southern oil industrial zone. At that time, the building in which each floor is actually a warehouse type houses. HUAWEI took up more than and 10 warehouses. In the warehouse at the other end of the wall with bricks, separated by a number of single rooms, employees live in these rooms.

"Tencent" hatched penguins place is a dance room

November 1998, the first Tencent office, is a friend borrowed a dance room, hanging in 80s "disco" style lamp ball, and later moved to the seg. The brothers worked overtime to be tired, but also can dance a song to relax the mood, is better than the present lattice condition.

Alibaba Ma’s new home is the office



1999, Hangzhou Lake Garden Wind court 16 unit 1 Building No. 202, district a 4 storey residential building in the four rooms of a house area of 150 square meters, this was Ma Yun’s new home, has yet to live was used as the "Alibaba" office. Ma Yun was in his speech on "Eighteen Arhats, everyone together with his" revolution".

"Baidu" from Peking University Resource Hotel started Baidu career



in 2000, after Robin Li completed studies in the United States with $1 million 200 thousand to return to Beijing, Peking University Resource hotel in a rented two rooms, the university campus network to start a business, although the rent is more expensive, but the environment is quiet. Although the 1414 and 1417 two digital sounds ominous, but behind such a number, Robin Li and his associates started a career in Baidu.

"New Oriental" rush >

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