Kun Peng Theory Secret of venture capital 8 successful deception entrepreneurship is not easy and c

At the beginning of

Kun Peng wrote a "Kun Peng Theory: cheat cheat! 8 successful deception" you teach entrepreneurship, was rapidly reproduced network, considerable influence! Recently Kun Peng on the venture capital investment in the circle of the depth of excavation, found the water inside is quite deep, today to talk about in venture investment scam.


a venture in China why can not be bound to false

why the wind of fraud will invade the whole China venture capital circle, Kun Peng believes that the root of this lies in the low cost of fraud or no risk is bound to have.

China’s entrepreneurial enterprises in the information disclosure, product design and other aspects of the existence of non honest behavior, and there is no separate regulatory laws and regulations. In addition to the entrepreneur’s own moral constraints, the cost of fraud violations need to pay almost zero.

many startups friends of Kun Peng theory, they are generally released false financing figures, but also looking for people of the company developed its own APP brush, which has become a norm, if you do not do this, instead of being teased as a fool, but will be far beyond the competitors, not conducive to the development and subsequent financing.

and the fake wind has swept China, like Jingdong and other large amount of financing, Ali to false big sellers brush single sales, do not affect the subsequent development of the company.


two, the investment company cheat people cheat you, Sue nor gate

Kun Peng theory to understand, there are some crooks under the guise of the name of joint venture for civilian money, they continue to use the media to participate in the exhibition, such as packaging an investment company, and try to find a reliable endorsement, for example: in the case of the preparation of NDRC, this will make a lot of people gradually trust. A great return, then they will describe venture projects such as: as a listed there will be 10 times, 20 times doubled, and that in many instances, the people themselves can make up the brain a lot, such as: the valuation of millet, drops, can bring to their scam to add luster, so usually there no chance to do investors entranced people, think of all have no, inextricably bogged down in! Since turned into a tall angel investor, who will echocardiography

!At the same time they will

and customers with the intention of signing the contract, which will have such as "when the contract expires, if the investment project is not listed, according to the investment of 140% equity transfer price, the investors of all equity" and other similar terms, it sounds, this is simply not to pay insurance money investment


but with the investment period of the contract have expired, investor funds to exit, the crooks will be no liquidity, to postpone the project started on the grounds that "steady" investors, forcing other investors have agreed to renew the contract, select the "convertible equity >

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