nventory of five vertical B2B TOP3 financing giant card entry

almost instant, forgotten in the corner of the B2B has been held on the headlines! Most people to Chinese the impression that B2B enterprises are still Alibaba, HC, Dunhuang network, business and other integrated B2B business platform, we call it the B2B 1 times since 2013, vertical; B2B appears like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, many segments of both a leader, capital also began to gradually approach the card layout, we call B2B 2 times. The inventory financing TOP3 five vertical segments of B2B enterprise, see who can become the field of NO1 in the future? Investors is how to treat the development prospects of vertical B2B? Which areas can be born under a BAT


used car electricity supplier B2B: institutional capital multi-point investment layout, the pattern of the short board is difficult to block the trillion market temptation


development status: the relevant agencies are expected by the end of 2015, China’s second-hand car market volume will be more than 10 million vehicles by 2020, the annual trading volume is expected to reach 40 million units, the market value will exceed $1 trillion. Expected to be accompanied by such expectations, since 2014, second-hand car business quickly became popular, the circle with blowing a whirlwind of investment and financing, the main different models (including B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C etc.) of the second-hand car electricity supplier industry financing of over 40, the total financing of nearly $5 billion. In view of the Internet to facilitate the dissemination, resource intensive and strong features, relying on the development of the Internet business platform in the rapid development of second-hand car market in the process of gradually rise, and in the "Internet plus" under the catalysis of the rules and gameplay changes, only to grasp the future market development direction of the enterprise to become a second-hand car business leader. Although the second-hand car electricity supplier B2B model has been the industry mainstream, but in China affected by the policy restrictions, there is a significant bottleneck in the current business development.

investor said: Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund has long been concerned about second-hand car industry sky any Wang, said publicly: 1, second-hand car business growth will accelerate, the main driving factor is the growing number of China owners and replacement demand increases, is an annual trading volume can reach tens of millions of vehicles in the market. 2, the significance of the existence of electricity providers to solve information transparency, and related logistics and financial services. For the used car industry, the above three points are pain points, through the electricity supplier to solve the service is the most suitable. 3, the boundaries between the various models (C2B, B2B, C2C) will not disappear, the industry will be covered by the whole industry chain covering the platform, there will be a professional vertical players. 4, the used car market size is too large, and has the characteristics of cross regional, so the short term does not appear single model of a single company to dominate the market situation.

enterprise service B2B: investors and entrepreneurs dormant for many years, the next 3-5 years or welcome the rapid development of the golden period of

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