Analysis of the three aspects of soft Wen marketing success



soft to the user is not only to promote the information, more important is to help users solve the problem. A good soft Wen and the user does not need the value of information. On the contrary, depends on the soft can not impress the user, the key is that the article can provide users with what kind of information, the information for the user, there is no value. The text is to allow users to accept a method to promote information more easily, many marketing person know, to allow the user to easily accept the promotion of information, natural to information scattered into the article, but also will not affect the quality of itself. The reason is to provide the user, by the way of reasonable piggybacking on their promotion information. This will not allow users to feel that the article is advertising, this article does not lead to the use of soft marketing failure. Today I talk about how to analyze the soft camp is successful:

a, users understand the article in the promotion of information

Although the use of

to write soft Wen marketing requires the author to have certain writing level, but it can not stop the marketing interest and benefits of marketing is the biggest to hide in the advertisement. Allows users to see the article at the same time also see their promotional information. For soft Wen marketing is the most taboo is the use of some users can not understand or understand the trouble of the statement, such as an article, there are several people who understand the trouble of classical Chinese and so on. This is so good and not for ordinary users, will allow users to feel that you are not in writing, but to show off his literary talent. Since the article is user oriented, so you should use normal users can understand the statement, from time to time to engage in a few of it is not to allow users to see your article to take the classical Chinese translation dictionary? A successful soft Wen, and not to rely on to some users cannot read the text, but the use of the easy to understand information but also very practical words to express, it can narrow the psychological distance with the user through the article, and make marketing more simple.

two, soft in the promotion of information useful to the user

is like a regular verbal commitment and not to do the same, soft Wen must also have a valuable information to the user. As the saying goes: if you want others to treat you, first of all, you have to how others. This is the principle of interaction and win-win. Since you want to use soft Wen to marketing, then first of all to make the user in the article to find valuable information. So that the user will spontaneously reproduced to share, so that more people benefit. An out and out are nonsense it article, even a little valuable information to users and users are not, how can I help you reprint promotion? The user is not a fool, is not advertising information at a glance see. Therefore, the soft Wen marketing, more importantly, through the article, you can let the user get what kind of information, the user through the reading of the article there is no one can be reproduced to share the psychological. If there is indeed a very useful to the user’s information, natural.

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