Not accurate communication for the purpose of micro blog marketing are playing rogue

Hello, I’m Gu Xuxu, micro-blog marketing in recent years with the micro-blog hot and a new way of network marketing, because of its high speed, convenient and widely used, has been generally accepted by the enterprise, many successful enterprises have opened their own business official micro-blog, today we talk about success micro-blog marketing four elements

first: micro-blog building (content planning stage)

in general, the enterprise micro-blog we can be divided into: corporate official micro-blog and corporate themes micro-blog

enterprise official micro-blog is similar to our official website, the official micro-blog content update can be around two aspects of

A, the daily introduction of enterprise business, and enterprise dynamic

B, negative public opinion and reputation

theme micro-blog (from the company’s business audience segments)

enterprise theme micro-blog, we need according to the different needs of different types of enterprises, build a different theme such as micro-blog, micro-blog medical enterprise, according to the various departments, various diseases or again construct different enterprise micro-blog, this is the problem of positioning, the theme of micro-blog we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

A, micro-blog design: the design of a good name, design a good head, design templates, design personal label

B, the basic content of the building: the content to be highly relevant to the theme, as far as possible to write fans interested in the unique business topics. Enterprise micro-blog should seize the specificity of micro-blog, in order to fundamentally create a good marketing environment, thereby enhancing the visibility of the enterprise micro-blog and enterprise micro-blog conversion.

second: promotion

promotion part of Gu Xuxu has an article in the previous article on the use of micro-blog to create a strong marketing effect in the explanation, interested friends can go to see

official hard wide cooperation

Sina official micro-blog ads

high quality content + mass communication + aggregation powder after the diversion

A, event planning B, high-quality content production C, promote the selection of micro-blog’s main fans

D, effective diversion

micro search crowd positioning + + + + + + +

A, through the keyword micro search lock the potential customer base

B, a variety of interactive multi pronged approach

third: interactive

do not ignore the interaction of this one, the company micro-blog and fans interact, to answer questions in a timely manner fans, fans and fans can pull a good relationship, can play an effective role in promoting. I observed from Sina micro-blog and Tencent micro-blog found that many companies are ignoring this article. Interaction phase

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