Storm technology Feng Xin if you can not see the blue ocean desperately to find

Abstract: "as if from work, fight every battle, call you will feel puzzled, as if the business is good, but the best that is never your."



titanium media storm technology CEO Feng Xin in a speech pattern of business school, talked about the transition from the inception of the development and change of the storm and his own thinking.

as a "old Jinshan", Feng Xin says he is in the Internet field with two people, Zhou Hongyi and Lei Jun, in a few months after the questions about Lei Jun, the market began to turn Feng Xin ‘intelligent projector".

"In the past,

projector in the daytime to see clearly, but TI in 2013, made a progress in core technology, in the daytime can see clearly, I know that this means that the opportunity to the privatization of the projector." Feng Xin said that after taking this opportunity, the storm began to explore a new field – VR.

in the mirror after the listing, Feng Xin that their way of thinking in the process of transformation, entrepreneurs get together and competition is very hard, the results are not ideal, "I think I was wrong, I hit a red sea battle, and even have a saying that when you have a hammer, you who look like a nail, when you have a bloody power, you see who want to fight, but it will limit your thinking." So far Feng Xin only see blue ocean, can not see also desperately looking for.

Ma had the phrase, I can not find a partner with a telescope to give Feng Xin a lot of inspiration, he believes that the current state of the storm is also true. (the titanium Media Editor He Jing report)

following Feng Xin’s speech in the pattern of business school record:

by the "desktop" battle of the birth of the product

I remember very well, 2013 is the year of August. Before that, I graduated in 1993, 20 years since 2013. Work time is also very long, to 2013, about 7 years of entrepreneurial time. The past have so long time work, to tell the truth in the whole process of the work is basically smooth, in every local campaign, often made some achievements, but also with the experience, with the ability to combat these will always go down. But later, in their own business, probably in 2008, 2009, after the company bigger, their pressure is more and more big, found themselves facing many difficulties, there is no thought in working time at that time.

I remember in 2013, I was involved in a new project, the project is also interesting. In 2012 when the Surface notebook began to prevail in the market, we will feel the future, the next 5 to 10 years, most computers will become touch screen, becoming more and more. Recently I saw Microsoft

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