Peng Zhijie on the local website channel classification and profit

today is nothing, to share the most recent summary of the local site channel classification and profit means, to talk about my views:

channel 1, idle away in seeking pleasure. Because the local website mainly face the crowd is 15 to 40 year olds, so eat and play must be the most attractive, the age of the leisure class way is this a few basic, so the channel is a must, means of profit is often out of here, such as discount cards, and businesses to launch what activities. And what product launch a trial activities, such basic types belong to win-win cooperation.

2, tourism and leisure. In tourism is the local tour, and local travel agencies, travel agencies to provide travel information, such as transaction commission, but also their own members, and then introduced to the travel agency, is also a very good profit, but this mode must be active community members to a number of talents some reach.

3, real estate channel. The house is a big problem in Chinese people, so that this channel as long as well very profitable for developers or to buy or are good, we can comment on various projects, also can cooperate with developers, organized showings and other activities, so that profits should not be a big problem of course, this channel also needs a great amount of users.

4, city dating. The content of this respect I think we must not strange, like making friends generally very popular, especially you dot the beauty brand, so this place can make it more popular popularity channel, earnings that I was here.

5, Home Furnishing because our website is home, for young people, now many young generation just entered the stage of housing renovation, this demand is particularly large, we can do a lot of articles on it, such as how to decoration, decoration should pay attention to what, in their own decoration and so on, all these will attract a lot of people to discuss, also can be in here and home improvement company, Home Furnishing stores, group purchase, such as consulting, is a means of profit.

6, auto channel, we can about the channel and local 4S shop test drive cooperation, organization, cooperation and local club or organization, driving and other activities, the earnings outlook is quite good.

7, marriage on this channel, channel and channel cooperation Home Furnishing home real estate, because the new house is the main force of the decoration, we can work on it, the company launched cooperation and marriage, marriage all in one service, or to marry a company independent management page, the free, fire only a fee income.

In fact, the local

website profit point is varied, in addition to the above I said a lot, as long as your user viscosity and user experience to do good, always for the sake of users, the profit is certainly no problem.

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