Thinking is more important than action is not the brain can not do marketing

This word,

marketing seems simple, in practice it is difficult, in the past year, all kinds of marketing concept, marketing channels, marketing means and marketing practice Fenza staggered, but the contrast is that the enterprise marketing personnel more began to lose in the marketing channel choice direction.

marketing is one of the areas that lead to changes in forecasts and to catch up with the trend of the market ahead of your competitors. Then again, you can not do a good marketing, depending on your ideas are right, then sales ideas, referring to the whole process is a long time to grasp the idea of selling.

sales more widely, such as planning, the requirements of the development of a feasible sales ideas, guide the large sales work is completed, the time for a customer, such as through practical, product customer psychology, etc. these ideas for sales.

this requires marketers change existing marketing ideas effect, good use of all kinds of customers hope to establish contact and interaction with the channel of the enterprise as a link to the customer and the enterprise closely linked.

for example, this year’s special fire a hand travel Poké mon Go. Few people can predict the Poké mon Go can achieve such a complete success, the peak period of a day harvest $10 million in revenue. Although people’s passion for the game is fading, Poké, Mon Go has two major implications for the online marketing market.

first, the user is ready to experience augmented reality of this technology, the two is the technology allows operators to feel the potential to enhance the profitability of reality. In the future, you will be able to see more brands and existing APP through augmented reality games, advertising, and the use of augmented reality technology.

say that the recent fire "Luo smile incident", we have accused Rolle and small bronze immoral, Rolle sold the money, actually hit an edge ball, uses WeChat’s reward system for fundraising, donation essentially belongs to the network. It can be said that if only from the marketing point of view, then this marketing is a success, but also lost the hearts of people.

whether products or company, the heart is the most important, have an accurate cognition to it marketing ideas, edge ball behavior should be avoided.

online marketing becomes more and more crowded". Although the number of consumers has remained broadly stable, tens of thousands of new businesses have flocked to the industry to share a slice of the pie in the content sharing and social media markets.

for example we can go to the online marketing in the scramble for the traditional advertising, a proper, with the customer constantly ignored or even hate traditional advertising, native advertising showed a rising trend, it can be more effective to attract Gu.

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