Practical and convenient local website promotion method

now do local web site is easy, but it is difficult to operate and promotion, the network to see many articles about local website promotion methods, say good, but practical and how many? This time I bring you an idea, is not all by you see, after all I am also used this idea to do the promotion.

this evening a friend called to say drink together, I was still done to update the website, said nothing, went to the site, after several days did not drink, ha ha. Drink way about the website, I told him I was doing our local information network, told him a few days before I apply for a local domain name, because our county is a county of Zaoqiang, other names are registered, the domain name is not registered, so I get down to a the local site of this domain name I have been very satisfied. Listen to my name but also very much agree with, is our county spelling, logical. My goal is to put my own websites to do the most, after all, we are a county, population, compared to a county and a city, is a different concept, to the friend said the website began to promote how difficult, how bad, friend is a worker, the net station is some understanding, I listen to my words, I suddenly very sympathetic, he put forward an idea, I heard a very reasonable, you listen to me slowly come

!My friend

was working in our local post office, now working in a private enterprise, today said to me, do local website promotion is nothing more than the use of local conditions and relations, because he was previously working at the post office, so he told me to tell the local newspaper paper linked to the newspaper good also, take the initiative to understand the line, through him also, let him every day in the way to send us a copy of the newspaper and send advertising, how to send the newspaper, also sent a number of our ads, it not only increase the propaganda dynamics, but also to our website and a new if you do know, in the local site conditions are favorable to the best use of this method, because I think this method is the least practical, do not want people to say listen well, but the operation Hard. Yes, if you do not know on the newspaper, you can through the post office or relationship or recently recognized or to his advantage, after all, this is very convenient, they also don’t care about this is nothing more than they send to join in the newspaper a copy of our advertising alone, everyone must be in their local know the post office to send the newspaper! It is we put the cost of printing and Human Relations Commission, after all, so much a website promotion way, we can calculate the cost of printing, we just how much money, know a friend invited him to dinner or to the benefit or, after all, can not spend much money, at the same time give your website promotion to bring the big efforts we can think and! This is the idea I was feeling today, you agree or not agree or not, after all, this is me To give you a train of thought, the use of the promotion may bring you a.

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