D round of financing 100 million orchard every day was established for seven years yet profitable

"my heart is sure to let Chinese eat good fruit, but the fruit is not industrialized goods, not to say that you switch on the machine, so the fruit from the branches to transport to the warehouse to the dining table, we need to control all the links." Every orchard CEO Wang Wei told the China Economic Weekly reporter.

April 1, 2016, every day usher in the orchard seven anniversary. And on this day, the reporter learned: the main fresh fruit imports of electricity every day, the orchard has been around $100 million D round of financing.


at the beginning of 2000, Wang Wei riding a moped in Shanghai going again, going to pick a store selling fruit. At that time, Wang Wei’s ideal is to open fruit chain. However, the parents still did not let Wang Wei’s ideals into reality.

"parents think fruit business is still a relatively low level of work, 30 years ago, my family is to open a fruit shop, and now open a fruit shop, feeling back." Wang Wei told reporters.

her parents’ opposition, Wang Wei honestly in the Internet industry veteran of nearly ten years, but he was still thinking about the fruit shop.

one day, Wang Wei whim, through the Internet to sell fruit is not too well, so that the fruit shops will not open, do a website is not on the line.

April 1, 2009, Wang Wei resignation, formally launched every orchard. Before leaving, he and his colleagues said he went online to sell fruit. Colleagues reaction is that fruit in the fruit shop, supermarket can not buy it, why do you want to buy online? But Wang Wei has a small mood – every day to let the whole Chinese people eat good fruit orchard".

2009, China’s Internet is far from today’s prosperity, the people of the Internet to buy fruit acceptance is not high. Every day after the establishment of the orchard in the first month, Wang Wei and his team has been in a state of nothing to do. In desperation, Wang Wei got only small go to main page plug mailbox to find customers. From day to day to do more than a dozen orders.

Wang Wei is aware of: fresh fruit and other businesses are not the same, it is closely related with the origin, warehousing, logistics, so that he has been "Wadong deep and wide grain".

self built cold chain logistics system to reduce the corrosion rate

the first thing Wang Wei does every day is to dig into the cold storage, look at the day of fruit packaging, sorting. Every day, the staff has been accustomed to Wang Wei orchard in the production line of the field office.

, after all, the need for professional knowledge, the initial temperature is difficult to control." Wang Wei recalls, "sometimes the workers of the cold storage temperature to minus 2 degrees, hundreds of thousands of goods on the refrigerator into ice Tomatoes on sticks loss is very large."

Analysys think tank released the "2015 Chinese fresh Research Report" shows that the market of fresh food in developed countries rot loss rate remained at around 5%.

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