Local WeChat how to plan the activities of the rapid growth of fans

yesterday I told you how to plan activities to increase the number of fans nationwide, so today I will talk to you about how we do the local WeChat powder up method. In fact, we do the activities are almost the same, but we need to choose groups and locations are not the same. The reason why we will do in the school to promote the national number, because we face groups are not the same, then the promotion of fans is not the same.

so what can we promote our local WeChat can choose to do it? And what are the ways for us? I’ll tell you what we can go to promote:

1 station

2 restaurant supermarket

3 Street

4 personal resources

More than four

are suitable for us to do the local WeChat rose powder channels, but in these methods we also need to pay attention to matters. So how do we implement it?

a station promotion

our station promotion is divided into two categories:

(1) station promotion

station is mainly to promote our service, we may before the train station will see some promotion, they say that you will be able to sweep the two-dimensional code concern for children in poor areas to donate 1 cents. Moreover, we do not say it will donate, it is said that these 1 cents, it is able to sell a fan, this is what the price is that I would like to 50 Fen ah. Later when we sweep the two-dimensional code attention, who knows the will for the affected children to donate. We want to do it, we have to pay, pay only can we get more fans, take donations, we sweep the two-dimensional code itself is not any good, will choose the scan code concerned only about 10% people. Now the weather is hot, if we can choose to use WeChat printer at the station or to send what things, such as napkins, or water, then I believe that attention is still a lot of people. We WeChat printer this is a relationship you need to be able to set up in the station. We choose to send you a pack of paper towels, the cost is two cents, choose a piece of water outside the mineral water, is the cost of a few cents, so we scan the code through to the attention of the gifts, so many.

(2) car promotion

we now whether in the bus or in the taxi will see a variety of real estate advertising or hospital advertising more. However, people may scan two-dimensional code concern less. The main reason is the content and design of this piece is not done. We and the bus company’s cooperation, for advertising, so that we can be in the car seat with their own copy, the amount of fans concerned or from our copy copy, as long as good, so people will be a lot of attention.

two. Restaurant supermarket promotion:


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