Do 20 year’s show again hi all over the world’s brand success no secret

Abstract: no one can underwear brand such as Vitoria’s secret show, stately trafficking of women sexy, do not suffer criticism, and also.


‘s show on China faces more and more

‘s famous "big show" (Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show) opened again this year.

Paris France local time on November 30th, the 2016 year’s show at the The Grand Palace in Paris (Grand Palais) held the annual brand big show in Vitoria. This brand has been done for twenty years. This year, from the scene as well as the degree of popularity of television, network data, this year’s Paris show has become so far the Chinese people to watch the most enthusiastic show.

after drinking coffee, reading "2016’s big show time version of the first to feel about the reporter:

1, China model soft power outbreak.

Liu Wen, He Sui, and the 52 models in the list of the first in the open, the emergence of a total of four Chinese models in. You know, the top’s big show once a year but as the "international supermodel" four words of the blessing of the big show. Next, the time will confirm the future value of these four models and career.

2, folk style BUT, be a trend which cannot be halted…… good Tucao ugly


GIGI this year by the opening of the first set of The Road Ahead (Jiyuan road works design includes a series of), Russia, China and other traditional ethnic elements, which have an eye popping shape is a mannequin, actually tied a dragon playing INS! Many foreign straight Tucao, even I look straight in do not go, message in micro-blog:

20 years old, I can’t see the beauty……"

can only say that

is so ugly! "


amount…… National wind?

3, the first time for the guests to wear a pair of wings – of course, because she is Lady Gaga!

insisted on watching the show’s people know that this is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion and pop music industry cross-border integration one of the most successful brands. Every time before the show opened throughout the show, everyone except to guess what supermodel, expect this one’s chose which singer. 2016 on the stage, silent for some time to the new album and then start the Lady Gaga stunning appearance, beautiful romantic shape looks normal a lot. Even more surprising is that Lady Gaga also got a pair of wings!

in addition to Lady Gaga and Bruno Mar>

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