Actual combat one of the website promotion operation manual

poly test network in mid September 08 on-line, the domain name is registered in the year of 08 in August 31st. To get together to promote practical manual

first, information dissemination (work focus)

information promotion focus, as long as the popularity of the place is to find efficient methods to achieve the flow of information gathered, such as E, call QQ group, UC group, Baidu Post Bar, there is a use of bulk software, such as: forum software, mass mailing software, this software, QQ message group, mass software industry website message sending.

Operation manual:

1, poly test network built QQ group, UC group, such as 50. Updated daily content, in each group QQ update message. IP1000+.

2, Baidu post bar. Daily top posts, post 20. IP500+.

3, Baidu know. Answer the question and answer questions, daily 20. IP200+.

4, Baidu space. IP100+.

5, Sina News blog, blog, blog, blog, NetEase Sohu etc.. The establishment of more than 20 blog. IP100+. Objective to increase the chain and search weight.

6, forum promotion. In the 20 forum, daily top, post a total of 50. IP1000+.


and News Promotion

choose the right on time: have suitable promotion time, the best time for the morning 7:00 to 11:00, this is prime time to recommend the article feeds! Good network, good more visitors see, visit. This should pay attention to the title to novel, attractive, good title, attract eyeball, improve the user’s click through rate, but with the modification to pay attention to the scale, to legal. Do not use cheating, cheating visitors, good network not only allow more people to visit, but also allow more people to reprint collections, achieve the purpose of improving the flow.

three, search promotion

login commonly used search engines, such as Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Sogou, Youdao, MSN, web directory, use the site reasonable SEO improve site keywords ranking, get search engine traffic, the site right important high, otherwise the same content, some stations may row on the first page, and you may is ranked in the ten pages, lost the meaning of promotion keywords. Reasonable high user experience, do not use the information does not match the user, otherwise lead to web search engine cheating, facing the risk of being treated by the search engine.

Operation manual:

1, daily update.

2, through links, forums, soft, blog and other large increase in the chain.

3, a simple optimization of the page.

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